Testimonials - What you have said about Molecular Music

"Just wanted to congratulate you on such exceptional work! Molecular Music is truly powerful, touching, and contemplation-inducing." Marcelo Guerra, Musician, Brazil

"This is wondrously lovely music." Robert Wendell, Music Director, Cantus Angelicus Choral Society, USA

"I have been a healer since childhood and because of my own experiences am drawn to many areas. The idea of representing aspects of biological systems with music really speaks to me." Shirley Sharpe, Healer, UK

"Thank you for sending the CD so promptly. I've listened to it in my lunch hour with my friend and we think its lovely - beautifully chilled and melodic." Phil Breach, UK

"I have loved listening to both of your CDs. I often play them in the office at work." Dr. Geoffrey Abbot, University Lecturer, UK

"I have just listened to your molecular music. It is fantastic!" Dmitry Frantskevich, Czechoslovakia

"I heard Music of the Plants on the radio this morning. I am fascinated by the fact that the music is so pleasing to the ear." Barrie Hulse, CSIRO Plant Industry, Australia

"I recently ordered both of your Molecular Music CD's. I think they're fantastic, and thankyou for getting them off to me so quickly!" Megan McCann, USA

"The works you've 'midwifed' are truly inspiring, exhibiting structure, harmony and a kind of existential intelligence. There is a kind of completeness and fulfilment with each and every passing note that distinguishes it from the usual "thinking creations" produced by human minds. Thanks for making this available - I'll be watching for future releases!" Mathew Sigmon, Musician and Composer, USA

"I find it fascinating and wonderful that you are revealing music at this level." Ellyn Peirson, The Canadian Spiritual Think Tank, Canada

"Bach translated, with his great music, the language of Nature. Now, with Molecular Music, Nature has begun to speak for itself." Sergey Sychov,. Russia

"At last it is very enlightening to see that there is someone out there discovering and proving that there is a link between music and our inner self and the structures of nature." Duddley Middlet, UK

"Your approach is so interesting because it provides us with a new vision of nature and also a new way to conceive of scientific knowledge." John Ely, Research Scientist, USA

"Fascinating, inspiring, and lovely." Barbara Patrizzi, USA

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