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Music of the Plants

Music derived from herbs and medicinal plants for health and relaxation

Music of the Plants Music of the Plants is a CD of relaxing music derived from proteins found in herbs and medicinal plants which have traditionally been used for herbal remedies, homeopathy and Bach flower remedies. The music is ideal for use by health professionals and alternative medicine practitioners to accompany their therapeutic work (e.g. massage with essential oils, reiki and music therapy) and by individuals to enhance meditation, mind-body visualization techniques and bodywork e.g. yoga. It may also be used to promote relaxation in health clubs, health clinics, spas and beauty salons, and induce calm in clinical settings such as hospitals and dentists.

So why not indulge yourself in a little plant music therapy! - simply dim the lights, light some candles and incense and play some organic music from healing herbs and plants to create a relaxing and reviving environment in the home or in the bath.

Every society, every culture, world wide has used herbs and medicinal plants. They have been used to heal the body and spirit, in religious ceremonies and to communicate with the Gods. Music is also vital in the cultural heritage of every society and has the capacity to affect us on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Computer generated note sequences, from plant proteins isolated from common herbs and medicinal plants, have been arranged by Dr. Linda Long to create complex 'multi-dimensional' musical pieces which contain sequences describing both the secondary and tertiary features of the individual plant proteins. In some cases the proteins are specific to the original plant, while others are found in a wide variety of plants.

Click here to listen to an mp3 clip from,A protein isolated from, 
Pokeweed antiviral proteinPokeweed.MP3 Clip 79KB
MyrosinaseMustard.MP3 Clip 79KB
PlastocyaninParsley.MP3 Clip 79KB
Cyanogenic beta-glucosidaseWhite clover.MP3 Clip 79KB
Tropinone reductaseStramonium.MP3 Clip 79KB

These pieces may be heard in full on the CD 'Music of the Plants'. The CD is a compilation of five musical works totalling 25 minutes. Experienced as original, powerful and moving, 'Music of the Plants' presents musical pieces that offer a unique insight into the plant kingdom which has provided a source of inspiration and healing for mankind since the dawn of time.

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