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The site for music derived from the molecules of life.

Listen to mp3 clips of music derived from herbs, medicinal plants and the human body. Visit our online education section with a preview version of Molecular Music's first interactive exhibit currently showing at Bristol.

Insulin Ball and Stick Model

Created by award-winning biochemist and musician Dr. Linda Long, Molecular Music provides a pioneering link between the seemingly disparate worlds of music and biological science. It involves the generation of music from three-dimensional biological molecules called proteins. Dr. Linda Long has developed it as tool for teaching molecular modelling of complex protein structures, and to generate music from herbs, medicinal plants and the human body for relaxation and therapeutic purposes.

Molecular Music is computer generated music that creates a gateway into understanding life, allowing us to perceive nature in her many forms through sound. Music is not limited by words or logic and so may communicate with us on deeper levels, freeing us to directly experience the essence of all living matter and giving us an insight into the voice of nature.

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