Published Articles

New Scientist
'High-protein vibes': 10 February 2001 p.21.
'Sound of Science': 28 July 2001 p.30.
'Tuneful proteins': (letter) 8 September 2001 p.53.

New York Times
'Watch the bouncing nucleotide': 13 September 2001.

The Harrow Technology Report
'Haunting melodies'

Financial Times
'Molecules are music to pioneer biochemist's ear': 12 February 2001.

Molecular Music features in a new exhibit called "Listen to Your Body" at Explore at-Bristol.

Molecular Music has been awarded a NESTA Innovation and Invention award.
NESTA Award press release

The Biochemist

‘Cyberbiochemist – DNA makes protein - makes music?’: 6 Dec 2002.